We know that action speaks louder than words.  Below you will find a sneak peek under the hood  in several Digital Marketing Case Studies that show what you can expect when you choose to engage The BBS Agency to help you with your advertising and online marketing.

In the sections below, you will find the results from real tests and advertising, done in the field, with other clients.

We have blurred out some information to keep our clients anonymity, but the data speaks for itself. There are a number of examples of different strategies, tactics and approaches - but this in no way demonstrates the full range of our capabilities.


Sometimes we have to be creative.  The most obvious "solutions" are not always the best producers.

You will also see a few examples of how following "best practices" can be a costly mistake for your business. Sometimes, there are reasons for being part of the "pack" but other times, being on your own is the best place to be, where you can thrive in the wild.

Digital Marketing Case Studies


Simple changes in the text of your call to action button (ex. BUY NOW buttons) can lead to a 6.38% lift in conversions.

CTA Button - Digital Marketing Case Studies

Control - Original CTA button = YES, I want Video #2
Treatment 1 - Original CTA Button Color = Get Instant Access to Video #2
Treatment 2 - Original Cta Button Color = Give Me Video 2 Now

Adding the implied ease of INSTANT ACCESS to the call to action button made the difference of over 6% more customers.

Using the common CTA of GIVE and NOW (to create urgency) resulted in nearly
20% LOSS of conversions.. this is why you don't always want to follow "best practices"


Here is another example of how changing the text on a call to action button can give you a 14.37% lift in conversions nearly overnight – this test only took a week to reach 99% statistical confidence.


Control - Original CTA button = Get the {Company Specific Name} Charts
Treatment 1 - Original CTA Button Color = Get Instant Access to {Company Specific Name}
Treatment 2 - Original Cta Button Color = Download {Company Specific Name} Charts Now

By adding clarity to the user, letting them know they could immediately get satisfaction and download for later use resulted in more than 14% lift in the conversion rate

In this case, the existing Control was using standard fare, following best practices and performed the worst of the group.


How about another CTA text change test - this one with a 22% lift in conversions.


Control - Original CTA button = Join Now
Treatment 1 - Original CTA in Orange = “Get In On {Company Specific Name} Secrets Now”
Treatment 2 - Original CTA in Orange = “Get Your {Company Specific Name} PhD Today”
Treatment 3 - Original CTA in Orange = “Take My Skills To The Next Level”
Treatment 4 - Original CTA in Orange = “Get Instant Access & Discover Closely Guarded Secrets”

By making the button about the customer and clearly giving them a glimpse of the future, we can improve conversions with 22% more customers - each buying a product and future products from this company.

Treatment 2 and Treatment 4 performed so badly out of the gate they were shut down after just a few days. Notice how Treatment 4 uses urgency and tons of "persuasion" based copy - very much in line with what many so called gurus say to do

Email tests

Can adding images to your emails - especially in this case Basket Recovery emails, increase conversion rate for potentially lost customers? The answer even shocked us. We were seriously astounded with the results.

WINNER: This test, Treatment 1, which simply added a product cluster image to the Basket Recovery emails, saw a 100% lift in Conversion Rate compared to the control. That's 2 TIMES the cash... and that was from people that had abandoned the shopping cart the first time! As an added bonus, this Treatment also delivered an additional 4% to the Average Order Value - meaning people spent 4% more with the image than without, giving an overall lift of 108% in Revenue Per Visit.

LOSER: The control on this test was simple text emails. No images, no HTML.. just text. So here is some proof that HTML and images in your emails - even basket recovery emails, can pay off in a very big way.

Guarantee Digital Marketing Case Studies

Page Headline Tests

Could a headline really cause a 225% increase in revenue? You would be surprised at how important this single element is on your page, because it sets the stage for the rest of the sales copy. By testing numerous options, we were able to achieve some impressive results on this single test.


WINNER: This test, Treatment 1, which had the headline "Guaranteed System" saw a HUGE  225% lift in Revenue compared to the control. That's 3x the money (100% would be double, so 225% is more than 3x)! What's more surprising was this was with a negative impact on click through rates - so this treatment got less clicks, but the ones that clicked were rabid buyers. Exactly what we wanted.

LOSER: The control on this test lost all the way around. Every treatment we tested beat the original control - by a minimum of doubling the control's revenue.

Shopping Cart / Check Out Tests

Let's change it up a bit. What would happen if you changed your shopping cart layout? Maybe a 53% lift in revenue is on the other side of that challenge. What would a 50% bump in revenue do for you - think you could expand a little with that kind of cheese? 


WINNER: What might happen if you radically redesigned your shopping cart layout – even going so far as to REMOVE the discount code field completely – how would a 53% lift in revenue shake your faith in reality?

In this case, the old, standard, out of the box shopping cart that was designed by the "experts" at ecomm shopping cart O'mart.

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