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Opportunity of a Lifetime?


Yesterday I walked away from an opportunity to help build another company. It could have (and will still probably be) a very successful company. However, the opportunity wasn’t right right for me or my family, so I declined.  I was informed by that it was “opportunity of a lifetime” and I would have been able to  “create [my] own success.”  

That made me chuckle.  

In my experience, there are numerous “opportunities of a lifetime”.  Why I’ve had 3 such opportunities this past year!  

I find that when one remains true to themselves and is a positive influence on the universe, such “opportunities of a lifetime”  become common.  

What are your thoughts?

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Vincent Wondra

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  1. Deborah Martin says

    I couldn’t agree more!! Besides, you have been creating your own success for years. That’s why you are doing so well, and your family is so happy. Keep the positive attitude, believe you can, remember the Karma lesson. Onward and upward!!