How to install and configure FileZilla FTP Client

Many times files are just too darn big to send over email or will take up too much space in an online drive like DropBox or Google Drive (my favorite).  When that happens you can’t beat a good old FTP client/server for sending large files

1. Install FileZilla FTP client from

2. After installation, go start up FileZilla

Launch Filezilla

3.  Go to File–> Site Manager


4. Click on New Site and input the name of the site

new siteInput site details5. Input the Host

6. Change the Login Type to Normal

7. Input the User and Password

8. Click Connect to save & test or OK to just save the site

Connect or OK

That’s all their is to installing and configuring the FileZilla FTP client. Happy uploading!

Vincent Wondra

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