Make your Blogging Resolution Last the Whole Year


It’s that time of year once again, the time of year that motivates each of us to set new and lofty resolutions for how we’ll improve our business over the course of the next twelve months.  There are lots of ways you could go after, but as a content writer for the BBS Agency, I can tell you that if you put blogging weekly at the top of your New Years business resolutions list it will have a positive impact to your business..  Here are four reasons why.

 Blogging weekly drives traffic to your website

1) Blogging weekly drives traffic to your website.

Spend some time thinking about the ways that people could potentially find your website:

  • Maybe they type your name right in their browser, but that's an audience you already have. They already know who you are so that doesn't help you get more traffic, or….
  • You could pay for traffic by placing tons of paid ads, but the second you run out of money, your traffic stops coming too.

So, how should you drive any traffic? In short: content marketing such as bloggingsocial media, and search engines. Let me tell you how it works:

Think about how many pages there are on your website. 5 or 10? Now, think about how often you update those pages. If you’re like most businesses, probably not that often, right? Every time you write a blog post, it's one more indexed page on your website, which means one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in an organic search. It's also one more cue to search engines that your website is active and they should be checking in frequently to see what new content to index.

Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every single time you write a blog post, you've created brand new content that people can share on social networks, which can expose your business to a new audience.

2) Blogging weekly converts website traffic into leads.

Blogging weekly converts website traffic into leads

Once you have new traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that new traffic into leads. Much like every blog post you write is another indexed page, each post is also a new opportunity to generate new leads, especially if you add a lead-generating call-to-action to every blog post. Often, calls-to-action lead to things like free whitepapers, e-books, fact sheets, webinars or free trials ... basically, any content asset someone would be willing to exchange their information for. If you scroll down further in this blog post, you'll see a call-to-action. In fact, almost every blog post we publish has a call-to-action, and yours should, too. That is how you turn traffic coming to your blog into solid leads for your sales team.

Not every single reader of your blog will become a lead and that's okay. Just get blogging, include calls-to-action on every blog post, determine a visitor-to-lead conversion rate benchmark for yourselfand then strive to improve that rate each month.

3) Blogging weekly establishes you as an authority.

The best blogs written by businesses answer common questions their leads and customers have. When you consistently create content that is helpful to your target customer, it'll helps to establish you as an authority in their eyes. Can you imagine the impact of sending an educational blog post you wrote to clear things up with a confused customer?

 4) Blogging weekly drives long-term results.

Let's say you sit down for just one hour and write and publish a blog post today. Let's say that blog post gets you 50 new views and 5 leads. You get another 40 views and 5 leads tomorrow as a few more people find it on social media. After a couple days, the fanfare from that post dies down and you've netted 125 views and 20 leads. But that’s not all….that blog post is now ranking higher in search engines. That means for days, weeks, months, and years to come, you will continue to get traffic and leads from that blog post that took that one hour commitment. The effort you put in today can turn into hundreds of thousands of views and leads in the future.

If you find yourself unable to commit to the time it takes to post those blogs, contact the experts at the BBS Agency. We offer custom creating of SEO rich blog content that will help achieve the results you need in website traffic and lead generation. While you might not see immediate results, over time and without any additional resource investment, you'll be able to rely on a predictable amount of traffic and leads for your business -- the work to generate that traffic and those leads will already have been done. Contact the BBS Agency to get started today.