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Bootstrap Business Solutions holds ribbon cutting with Fond du Lac Association of Commerce

The joy of the internet!  I work from home with people all over the world on a daily basis.  The internet is my office!

While I am usually found in my home office (By choice mind you… I have an amazing fish tank), I can also be found working from a coffee shop, my porch, a restaurant, or web cafe if the spirit moves me.  It’s pretty nice, I must admit to no longer be contained by a desk or tethered to my office chair.  One of the perks of being a geek working on the web in today’s world.  As long as I can access the internet, I can work anywhere!

So…. if you don’t have an office, where does one hold the ribbon cutting ceremony?  

And the answer is….

…in the conference room at the chamber of commerce, in front of any enormous, overly large clock. (Look at the size of that thing!  And I thought the scissors they gave me was huge!)

2013 BBS Joins the FDL Association of Commerce

That’s me with the overlarge scissors, and my beautiful wife Kelly at my side for the ribbon cutting.



Vincent Wondra

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