Bootstrap Business Solutions is open for Business

Open for Business

By Vincent Wondra

January 2, 2013

This morning at 9:00 AM, BootStrap Business Solutions officially launched.

Bootstrap Business Solutions is Open for Business

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been 

Vincent WondraMy name is Vincent Wondra.  I’m a former Vice President of Operations and Director of Technology who has over 16 years of experience delivering results for such companies as IBM, Kimberly Clark, ACS, Athletic Greens, and BizzyWeb.  

Bootstrap Business Solutions was created to bring my skills and expertise to the small business owners, dreamers, and entrepreneurs who have dared to dream big.  Let me help you make those dreams a reality.

With extensive knowledge of website development, WordPress, eCommerce, Social Media, SEO, Analytics, Adobe (Omniture) Test & Target,  and Website optimization we deliver proven solutions that “just plain work“.

Get a Website Sell Stuff Online

Every business needs a website


It’s easier than you think!

Connect with Customers Improve & Optimize
Using Social Media to Connect with Customers

Facebook, Google, and More!

Analytics, SEO, A/B Testing

Analytics, SEO, A/B Testing


I look forward to discussing your dream with you, and helping make that dream a reality.