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The answer is - To Blog

No April Fool – I’m going to blog every day

The answer is - To Blog

The answer is – To Blog

From here on out, I will publish one blog every Monday-Friday. I ‘ve known that I need to blog more. I keep finding excuses not too:

I’m too busy.
I have too much work.
I’ll do it tomorrow.
I’m not a good writer.

Those are just excuses.  I’m done with excuses. 

Starting today, I will be publishing one blog entry here, at, or each and every weekday.  Sometimes they will include a video, sometimes a humorous picture, and other times they will be sales pitches for a new product or offering I’ve cooked up.  But, I’m going to blog every day.  

I will give you a look into the method behind the madness of running a virtual company.  I’ll share stories about my family and the challenges of juggling a work/life balance when you run your own business.  But, I’m going to blog every day.

I’m going to write about WordPress, and SEO, and Social Media.  I’ll talk about the tools used to run a virtual company in the cloud.  I’ll talk about how I believe a virtual company is the company of the future.  I’ll talk about trends and technology that will continue to change the world. I’ll share news bits that I feel are important.  I’ll share things that may be irreverent, but amusing.  I’m going to blog every day.

I’m going to be me.  

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