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State of the Word, Selling Through Your Blog, and other things you may have missed

If you work with technology you know how important updates are. You wouldn’t let your computer fall behind a week on updates, so you shouldn’t let yourself fall behind. 

Never fear The BBS Agency is here, with the top 6 news updates of the past 2 weeks that you may have missed.

1: Your promotions can help you more than you think

Everybody loves a good sale, people have long been entranced by the possibility of saving a few bucks. Offering a promotion or sale has a few obvious benefits: More exposure, more sales, good publicity (usually). However, your promotions can do work for your business even after the coupon expires. WooCommerce released this awesome guide on how to extract data from the results of your sales. Using this guide will ensure both you and your customers will be getting the best value possible.

2: How to make your emails POP in a cluttered inbox

In today’s “always on” society, it’s easy for people’s inboxes to fill up fast. You can make sure your email doesn’t just get lost in the noise with these helpful tips from WooCommerce. Simple things like adjusting the subject line, or adding text based images are all it takes to make your emails standout. Using these tips will not only make your emails prettier, if you use them right they’ll have your customers smiling before they even open them.

3: An FAQ page saves you and your customers time

It’s natural for a customer to have a question during a checkout process as it’s nearly impossible to include every detail into a product page. Using FAQ’s you can give your customers a place to find answers to their questions, and answers to questions they hadn’t thought of yet! A detailed FAQ saves your support team time as you don’t have to be answering repeat questions over and over again. It also gives your site a sense of legitimacy and safety.  SellWithWP has this guide to get your FAQ up and running. 

4: Your customers want to buy more, they just don’t know it yet

Physical stores are laid out to show customers as many products as possible, so that even if they know what they are shopping for they are inclined to browse and sometimes purchase additional items. You can setup your eCommerce store to do the exact same thing. Using techniques like cross-selling and bundling you can put products in front of customers who had never intended to search for them. Sometimes all it takes is seeing it for the customer to realize “Hey I want that too.” This guide from WooCommerce details some great ways to bundle and cross-sell to increase your sales.

5: Your blog can sell your products for you

Not only can effective blogging drive traffic to your site, with a few well placed allusions it can also sell products for you. Slipping a reference to a time one of your stores products helped you solve a problem is as good a call to action as any, especially if you have a sneaky banner ad to the product somewhere on the page. There are a ton of ways to get value out of your blog and Bob Dunn from GoDaddy highlights some of the best of them here.  If you’re already running a blog it’s worth checking out as you could be leaving money on the table. 

6: WordPress is growing

Matt Mullenweng recently gave his 2016 “State of the Word” speech that highlights what WordPress has done over the year, and what it hopes to do in the future. A full synopsis of his speech is available here.  However, the biggest takeaway is that WordPress is growing and doesn’t show a sign of stopping. Currently WordPress’ market share is up to 27.2% & if their plans to make WordPress simpler and faster go as intended there’s no reason it won’t stop growing. 



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