Stop Guessing And Start Making Data Driven Decisions In Your Marketing
Stop Guessing And Start Making Data Driven Decisions In Your Marketing

With over 20 years of online digital advertising and TENS of MILLIONS of ad dollars managed for clients, we have learned a thing or two about Digital Advertising. We've seen the trends come and go - and we have learned what works... and what doesn't work. We've conducted countless hours of ad copy split tests and discovered how to "crack the code" when it comes to online advertising.

We will develop a successful digital advertising strategy to achieve your goals, even if you think it may be out of reach or unattainable. We combine our unique scientific approach and data driven decision making process with our experience in digital advertising to so you get a completely customized ad strategy that fits your goals and budget.

Learning How To Feed The Google AI

We have an internal joke about feeding AI.

A decade ago, we used to joke about not letting Google "do much unsupervised thinking" because it was often wrong and could cost you a mint if you were not extremely careful.

But that was a decade ago - a lot has changed and improved in the past 10 years.

Now, we've found that many other ad agencies are still in that mode and are purposefully limiting the machine learning capabilities that are heavily involved in all the digital ad platforms today.

You may have heard the old saying "Garbage in, Garbage out"... and this is especially true today with Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning algorithms that are making much of the decisions concerning your advertising - even though you may not realize it.


The key to successful digital marketing these days is feed the Google, Facebook and other advertising AI's what they want to get maximal results from the search and advertising algorithms. 

Along the way, we have discovered some pretty staggering insights, which, when deployed correctly, have the opportunity to get you better advertising results at lower costs than you may think possible.

What Digital Advertising Platforms Should I Use?

Really Good Question.

The simple fact is - we won't know either, until you complete our onboarding process. The best platforms are those that your target market are on and what will work best for your niche and your goals.

Rather than blindly following the latest trend, magazine article or TedTalk, we guide you though the Digital Marketing landscape, acting as your sherpa, and make data driven decisions for your advertising needs.

There are a lot of costly pitfalls if you don't know what you are doing with Digital Advertising. If you do not have clearly articulated goals and objectives so that everyone is on the same page, you could end up wasting a lot of advertising dollars and not getting positive results.

Don't Worry. We can help.

We have a clear, concise, and proven pathway to success called the Master Conversion Program. Time and effort invested here will pay huge dividends later on.

  • Identify and articulate a GOST Plan (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) which is 100% unique to your business

  • Identify your IDEAL PROSPECTS - so we can go find those people through innovative targeting and media selection

  • Develop your CORE VALUE PROPOSITION which set you apart from your competition and grabs the attention of your Ideal Prospects

  • CONSTANTLY TEST & OPTIMIZE - from budget allocation to ad placement, landing page optimization and lead generation, testing is critical to long term success

Take a few minutes, complete our Onboarding Questionnaire, so we can get to know your situation better,get a better understanding of your business, your competition, target market, and the goals that you need to accomplish with your marketing efforts. The better data you can give us in our no obligation onboarding questionnaire, the better questions we will ask, and the better solution we will be able to provide. 

We look forward to talking with you soon.

We Specialize In Hard To Advertise Verticals - We Can Help You Thrive!

Cannabis & Hemp Digital Advertising

Cannabis Hemp

Vape Digital Advertising


Firearm Digital Advertising

& Accessories

Nutracuetical Digital Advertising

& Supplements

Diet and Weightloss Digital Advertising

& Fat Loss

Survival Gear Digital Advertising


Mystery Box Digital Advertising


Have you been told "You can't advertise for that product on Google... or Facebook... or ANYWHERE!". Did you think your business simple couldn't leverage the power of the Internet and Digital Advertising, because of unfriendly advertising policies, arbitrary political positions or other factors?

Well... have we got some good news for you!

We have helped a number of companies determine creative workarounds to these policies and conditions for online media and digital advertising.

Simply complete our Onboarding Process and we will help figure out ways you may have never even heard of to get your online business new traffic, retargeting audiences, new leads and ultimately new and highly profitable online transactions.

Sometimes, you just have to look at the problem from a really different perspective!

Ready to get started?

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