Optimizing your sales and marketing emails to your house list are a powerful tool that will often make a huge difference in your bottom line. In fact, this is often one of the fastest ways to increase revenue AND profits.

We will make immediate improvements while we test your email copy, calls to action, images, tone, cadence and frequency to systematically increase profits from every email you send out to your house list.

Can A Static Image Help?

Are you using any images in your emails?

Did you know that HTML emails with images out perform plain text emails in nearly every situation?

Did you know that the image to the right – yes, this EXACT satisfaction guarantee image placed in an email, at a specific location, got a 66% LIFT in revenue from that email? Would you like to know WHERE?

Seriously, we double blind tested this exact image and duplicated the results (remember the scientific method). That was it. No other change on the email. Just a silly image and it wasn't even linked to anything at all. It increased the revenue by 66%.  Instant winner!

100 percent satisfaction guaranteed-bbs-agency

Pretty impressive huh?

The secret is WHERE was this image placed on the email … and the even deeper lesson to be learned and applied is WHY it was placed exactly where it would make the biggest impact.

That's why we follow test and use the scientific method in our approach.  We try a wide variety of different things to see what works and what doesn't - in the real world, with real traffic and real customers.

Then we make data driven decisions based on how each version performs. There is always a method to the madness, and the madness, sometimes leads to ideas no one has ever tried before.

How Many Emails Are Too Many?

Once again, if you are following the pack, you will get a bunch of “best practices” that are for newbies who don't know any better and lazy people who do not understand why they do anything.

Unfortunately, many marketers just follow what the big tech is telling them to do..

Folks like this are like lemmings - eventually they all fall off the cliff.
It's just a matter of time.

Figuring out how many emails to send out to your list is a tough call.

Some say once per week, some say twice a day. The reality is - it's different for everyone and it depends on your Ideal Target Prospects, your Unique Value Propositions, your market, your products, etc.

The second factor that really comes into play with emails is QUALITY.

If you are sending junk or low value emails, you are better off not doing it at all.

But, If you are sending people yummy goodness in care packages twice a day, they will LOVE you for it and respond with dollars in hand.

The only way to figure this out is by testing. Testing takes time, but when it all comes together, it's worth it.


Do Cart Abandon Emails Really Work?

Cart abandonment, people who add products to the cart, and then leave without purchasing anything, is a real issue online.  It's not uncommon for 98% or more of online shoppers to abandon their cart and "walk" out of your store.


Most businesses don't address this issue for the following reasons:


They don't know how bad it is or know it's an issue, so they don't know what they are even looking at to try to fix it


They don't want to be pushy or too aggressive


They are don't know what to do about it or just accept it as part of life for an Internet business

Solving this challenge can be challenging, but the payoff can be well worth the effort.

There are two main components – first is figuring out WHERE and WHY people are leaving in the first place and then trying to get them to check out on their first visit. Testing and focusing on Ideal Targets and Value Proposition will correct a lot of this on the front end.

Second is trying to recapture lost sales and lost revenue with Cart Abandonment Emails.

There are about 99 ways to do this WRONG and you will end up looking like a user car salesman in the process if you don't do it right.

But we discovered a long time ago how to do these Cart Abandonment or Basket Recovery Emails very well, and it has solidly performed for our clients over the years. In some cases, we have seen over 10% lift in total bottom line revenue just from implementing a tested cart abandonment strategy.

This is set it and forget it type marketing. Once its dialed in, these emails work for you 24/7.

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