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How to Setup a Google Plus Local Page

Get your company on Google Maps, ranking higher in Google, attracting local customers, and greatly increase your odds of showing up on the first page of Google’s search results (at least to those searching in your local geographical area).  A Google Plus page for your business does all of this, and it’s quick and easy to setup.  This step-by-step tutorial will show you how.

Bootstrap Business Solutions (BBS) on Google Plus

The Bootstrap Business Solutions (BBS) Google Plus Local Page

  1. How to Setup a Google+ Local Page

  2. Sign into Google+. You will have to create a Google+ profile if you don’t already have one.
  3. After you are signed into Google+, create a Google + Local page, or click Pages under Home on the left+
    • *If you have multiple locations you will need to create a different Google+ Local page for each location.  Google has hinted you will be able to have multiple locations listed on a single Google + Local page in the future, but have given no ETA.
  4. Select Local Business or Place
  5. Search for your Business on Google
    • Select your business or
    • Select No these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the business.
    • If you are prompted to enter some details about your business, please do so.  Be sure to enter the correct street address so your business will show up on Google Maps correctly.  The phone number listed should reach your business directly.  No automatic phone menu systems.
  6. After you complete your business information you can choose how you would like to verify you are the business owner or manager. There are two options:
    1. Verify by Postcard (verify in 1-2 weeks)
      Google Plus Verification postcard

      The Verify by Postcard. Be careful not to throw it away by mistake!

      • Google will send you a postcard with additional instructions and a PIN to verify your business.
      • Double check to make sure your address is displayed accurately on the postcard.  Click Send Postcard after you verify your information.
      • Keep a careful eye on your mail. The postcard looks like junk mail and can easily be thrown out by mistake
      • After you receive the postcard, follow the instructions on the back and enter the PIN on the back to verify your business
    2. Verify by Phone (verify immediately)
      • Google will call contact with an automated message with a PIN to verify your business
      • The number listed in step 4 must be a direct line to your business.
      • Click Verify by phone to have a PIN sent directly to you
      • Enter the PIN to verify your business
  7. Customize/Brand your Google Plus Page

  8. Add a cover photo (recommend 1080px by ×608px) and a profile photo (250px by 250px).
    • Cover Photo – We recommend a photo of the front of your business or your sign.
    • Profile Photo – We recommend a picture of you, your companies logo, or your companies mascot (like Ronald McDonald, or the Geico lizard)
  9. Add in a short description of your business. This is typically taken from your About page on your website, or work with contact your SEO company to help with optimizing your text to be more search engine friendly.
  10. Add categories which help describe what your business is, not what it does
  11. Add in the hours your business is open.  If you are closed part of the day, you can create two entries for the same day.


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