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How to setup a new event and sell tickets to it with The Event Calendar, WooTickets, and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce/Shopping Cart for WordPress.  The Events Calendar is the best event calendar for WordPress.  Take the two of them together, add in the powerful WooTickets extension and you have a powerful and easy way to sell tickets online!

  1. Create a new Event
  2. Enter your Event Title
  3. Input the description of your event in the visual editor.  You can add in as much text, images, or embedded videos as you want!
  4. Chose your Event category
  5. Upload your Events Featured Image 
  6. Add your Event Time & Date
  7. Add your Event Location Details (The Events Calendar Pro saved venue option is shown)
  8. Add you Event Organizer Details (The Events Calendar Pro saved organizer option is shown)
  9. Add a ticket to your event
  10. Input your Ticket name & Description
  11. Set your ticket price
  12. Set a Start and End date to the ticket sale
  13. Set stock (if limited number of tickets are available)
  14. Set a unique SKU (for tracking and reporting)
  15. Click “‘Save this ticket”
  16. Publish your Event
  17. Now Update the ticket in WooCommerce
  18. Scroll back down to the Tickets section and hover over your ticket
  19. Select “Edit in WooCommerce””
  20. Your ticket in WooCommerce will open up
  21. Set your Product Category (Typically will be “Tickets”)
  22. Set any Product Tags
  23. Upload your Tickets Featured Image (This is the image that will show in your WooCommerce shopping cart)
  24. Go down to the Product Data section, and click on the bottom tab on the left
  25. In the “Purchase Note” input the webinar details to send to the client after purchase
  26. Go down to the Product Short Description and input a short description
  27. Click on the second tab down, and set Stock status to “Sold 
  28. Scroll backup to the Publish section, and change the catalog visibility from hidden.   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If you don’t, the ticket will only show on your event calendar, and not in your WooCommerce store
  29. Click “Update “

Vincent Wondra

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  1. Craig Grella says

    I love the event calendar – woo integration. We use it on alot of client sites. It’s especially good for our nonprofit events where we have multiple level tickets and giveaways. I also like the ability to use coupons for discounts. The new 3.x version of the plugin has some great features.

    We also use gravity forms for those who don’t need the whole e-store setup, combined with a few of their add-ons and some conditional formatting. We did a video tut for nonprofits out there who want to do it themselves: