The Digital Marketing process is simple in theory – but can get very complex in its application. We are professionals who work behind the scenes to help your business thrive – not just survive.

We use a methodical, scientific based process in our marketing and advertising approach which has been learned over the past few decades and proven with millions of dollars earned by our clients all over the world.

Our methods are rigorous in their approach and artistic in their application – which helps you gain more customers, more revenue and ultimately can make the difference in whether your business achieves your objectives or ends up on the ash heap of the "wayback machine".

Our Digital Marketing Process Covers 4 Phases:

PHASE 1 – GOST Planning

Ideal Target Identification

First off, knowing the right audience targets to market to is critical.

Most businesses take a shotgun approach to marketing and advertising HOPING to hit the mark and attract new customers. Hope is great, but HOPE isn't a strategy and it isn't a good tactic to use when your business is on the line.

One of the primary elements in our work with you to develop a GOST ( Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) Plan.

By focusing on the Ideal Prospect we focus our attention on the most ideal audience - helping your advertising dollars to gain efficiency.

Identify your best ideal prospects with BBS digital marketing.
Identify your best ideal prospects with BBS digital marketing.

We can help you identify the BEST Ideal Prospects for your business through detailed research, workshops with your staff and understanding the market place.

Do you think that would help define your advertising and how you communicate your messages to this audience for better success? We certainly do too.

99% of your competitors have never thought this way or tried to look at the adverting challenge from this perspective, so even marginal changes can have massive impact for your business.

Once your Ideal Target is identified, we can help you develop messaging to attract them, and better understand where to go find them in the ever changing landscape called digital advertising.

Value Propositions Are Your Missing Link

An Ideal Target is a specific demographic that is your best customer and most likely to purchase your product or service. Your Ideal Targets are 100% unique to your business. You may have multiple Ideal Prospects and they are all unique from one another too.

A good value proposition tells your Ideal Target WIIFM, "What’s In It for Me?" and helps them to realize they can ONLY get that satisfaction from your business!  

We will develop and evaluate Value Propositions that are as unique and are focused exclusively on your Ideal Targets to improve marketing efficiency and increased conversion rates with a lot less effort or expense.

A great value proposition creates an undeniable truth for your Ideal Target – one that is so compelling it is all but impossible for them to ignore or walk away from.

You want extremely motivated customers, who are committed to buying from you and only you because they know in their soul that your business understand where they’re coming from and how they think – as people.  Your business related to them!

We will help you identify, articulate and hone the very best Value Propositions using our tools. Then we will test the value propositions to see which ones provide the greatest impact and highest conversion rate on sales for your business.


PHASE 2 – Advertising & Media Buying

The BBS Agency uses the best tactics and strategy to raise your digital customer base.
The BBS Agency uses the best tactics and strategy to raise your digital customer base.

Strategic Advertising

We build strategic advertising plans for you to reach each Ideal Target Market with the right messages (Value Propositions). The BBS Agency's team can even help you with traditional offline marketing and advertising tactics.

It all depends on you and your unique business needs.

As we develop advertising strategies, implement ads and establish all the required tracking, we constantly measure the effectiveness and efficiencies of your advertising campaigns. Throughout this process, The BBS Agency works to optimize the processes, gaining you tactical advantage over your competition - even on the same advertising platforms.

We will split test your advertising messages to find the ones that best resonate with your Ideal Target Market.. This is one of the fastest ways to test value propositions and can yield a treasure trove of data in a few days.

We also analyze and develop additional strategies and tactics to take advantage of your competitor's weaknesses, capitalize on your strengths and focus on delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

PHASE 3 – Conversion Rate Optimization

The Secret Squirrel Stuff

The final piece of the puzzle is working to consistently improve your sales on a given page of sales funnel - in terms of online business, this is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

We use a scientific and methodical process that employs A/B Split Testing or Multivariate Split Testing to determine the best combination of a wide variety of components such as:

  • Advertising Style (Digital, Print, Traditional, etc)
  • Media Type (PPC, banner, video, radio, billboard, etc)
  • Platform (Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Taboola, etc)
  • Placement (channels, banner or ad positioning, etc)
  • Audience Targeting (Demographics, Affinity Audiences, Psychogrpahics)
  • Ad (banner, text, rich media, video)
  • Page Style (VSL, Long Form, Short Form, Ecommerce)
  • Copy (email, sales funnel, landing page, etc)
  • Plus More!

By testing we can determine, with a high degree of statistical confidence, what the long range outcome will be for a given test version and also extrapolate out the hard dollar value of changes to be implemented.


At The BBS Agency, we will test a lot of options. We test to get results, measure those results and let the data drive decision making.

This process builds confidence and results that can be duplicated. We have a rigorous testing methodology we use that works, consistently.  This process provides an effective way of thinking about your business, your customers, and what the customer experience.

We use this framework to guide the data driven decision making on strategic and tactical levels to dial in the most ideal ways of converting those prospects into paying customers.

PHASE 4 – Growth

Knowledge Application

Phase 3 and 4 are quite different from one another, but the two phases do blend into one another and overlap considerably.

Once Phase 3 has started and we are actively testing, Phase 4 is hot on its heels. As each test is completed, we will use the lessons learned to make data driven decisions for new testing, new ideas, new directions.

The real reason for testing is to LEARN.

Learning leads to gains, which is where the rubber meets the road for every business.

We constantly build on each test.

Each engagement, no matter how small, has a lesson to it. We take those lessons back into the development group so we can apply the learning and testing in Phase 3 and Phase 4 nearly simultaneously.

In this way your business is constantly learning, evaluating performances, and self-correcting to be better, stronger, faster and ultimately, bringing you a higher revenue stream.

Growth is driven by learning your real customer base, understanding their needs, and supplying their demand. You to can create a long standing, extremely profitable and sustainable growth trajectory.

We are waiting to help you become the best business possible.

WE believe in YOU.


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