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Walters Responsive

By The BBS Agency

February 28, 2019

It’s been a busy February! We are happy to announce our new website that has launched for Walters Buildings. Whether you’re building a cabin, hobby building or a dream home, Walters Buildings’, post frame buildings, offer superior open concept designs with unmatched energy efficiency.

Walters is all about quality, so we wanted to build them a site that showcases their quality products in a wide range of building types. Using WordPress custom post types and categories we created an interactive, easy-to-sort & navigate portfolio that allows them to showcase their full range of expertise.

These category sections are populated with animated image grids that allow them to display several large images in a small space. Each individual portfolio entry is complete with a slideshow of images that includes a pop-over lightbox gallery with image captions.

The site has plenty of ways that users can get in touch with the Walters team, including dynamically generated contact forms. These forms allow the Walters team to identify exactly what the user was looking at, without any extra fields for them. There is also a contact form built right into the site’s footer, so at any point during their browsing a user can get in touch with Walters team. 

However, the site is more than a portfolio. Walters includes a dedicated events calendar that includes on-page Google Maps to help their users get all possible event information in one spot. We were also able to create a careers page that hooks into their existing job board.

Gathering all this information in one place means that Walters is able to focus on what they do best. If are looking for a residential, commercial, industrial, or storage solution, please check out  to read testimonials, check out their finished projects, and send a message to discuss quotes with their helpful staff! 

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