Can I go Viral?

Social Media Simplified | Can I Go Viral?


Social media isn’t easy. Tweets flop, Instagram pictures go ignored, Facebook posts don’t always get shared. 

Everybody wants to know how to go viral.

Question for You

There’s never going to be a sure fire way to go viral. At the end of the day social media is just people, and you can never fully predict people. 

However thanks to science and the research of Chenhao Tan we have a way to figure out what has a better shot of making it to the trending sidebar.

You can read all about their findings here. What it comes down to though, is that humans can be influenced by the way things are phrased. There is always a way to make your message better, clearer, or easier to receive.

They’ve used this information to create two amazing tools for social media marketers.  

First they’ve created this quiz. 


Quiz picThey give you two versions of the same tweet, and you have to tell them which one you believe will be retweeted more. This is a fantastic way to train your brain to understand the words and phrases that can send your tweet viral.


Second they’ve created a tool to let you optimize your tweets.



This is a fantastic tool that lets you enter two versions of your tweet. Then it will tell you, based on their algorithms, which is more likely to be successful.

These are invaluable tools for any social media marketer, and a step in the right direction to actually solving the “age old” question…. How do I go viral?

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