WordCamp Vegas 2015

The BBS Agency was at the Code is Poetry Tour – WordCamp Las Vegas 2015

WordCamp Vegas 2015

In July, our fearless leader Vincent Wondra and head coder Vince Paul, attended WordCamp Milwaukee.  This time it was our Lead Implementer, Brandon Coster’s turn to attend a WordCamp.  He moved from our home base of Wisconsin several years ago, so he attended WordCamp Vegas 2015.  

At WordCamps, fellow WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, and consultants gather to discuss all things WordPress.  We make valuable contacts, learn new techniques, learn about new technologies, and immerse ourselves within the amazing WordPress community.  With this being Brandon’s first WordCamp, he was a bit surprised how open and friendly even the big time WordPress celebrities were.  Brandon hit it off with several guys from 34sp.com.  This week that he was featured prominantly in their most recent blog post.

…about WordCamps

“In my opinion the greatest part of WordCamp Las Vegas was the massive sense of community. I was surprised that with the years I’ve been using and working with WordPress, I didn’t know there was a community so open to one another and willing to share every drop of knowledge. It has rejuvenated my drive to become a better and more productive part of the WordPress community.

….about why we and other top notch agencies specialize in the tools we use

“…find that group of tools that suit your needs and learn them in and out. Completely master those tools and you can become more productive and produce a better website with less stress, better outcomes, and a happier client.

…about the WordPress Community

“I’ve also learned that it’s an amazing community that rivals most I’ve been a part of. I felt as if I was an equal among my peers, regardless if they knew more or less than me, everyone knew something that someone else didn’t. The best advice I could give to those that want to help grow and give back to the community is to make a point of helping those with questions. Spend a bit of free time a few days a week and as Devin Walker from Word!mpress said, go to the forums whether you’ve just started to learn WordPress or are an expert, and help those that you can. Share your knowledge and advance another persons, it will only grow the community and make it that much more accessible.


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