to blog or not to blog

Is blogging worth it?

to blog or not to blog

Your blog is tool, just like a hammer is a tool.  You can purchase the best hammer in the world.  When you first get that new hammer, you may be proud of it and might you show it to everyone, but if unused, it’s quickly forgotten and relegated to the bottom of your toolbox.  If you give that hammer to a carpenter, they will use that tool in their business to build houses, fix things, remodel kitchens, or build a deck.  The hammer becomes an integral part of that carpenters toolbox and helps them grow their business.

Your blog is no different. It’s a tool. If that tool is not used, it’s quickly forgotten.  But if your blog is used, you can build amazing things with it. Just like a carpenter with a hammer.

So is having a company blog worth it?  The short answer is YES!  Blogging is the key to increasing search engine ranking. 

This company committed to blogging at least once per week.  

*Note how their traffic from search engines increased and has kept increasing over time

Organic Search traffic with blogging

This company does not blog.

*Note how their search engine traffic has gradually dropped off.

Organic Search traffic without blogging

How does Blogging Improve Search Engine Visibility?

One important search engine ranking metric is how often your website is updated with relevant content.  By committing to one blog post a week, about a service you offer, a product you sell, or something related to your business or industry at the end of a year you have added 52 new ways each year for someone to find your site.  If your business commits to blogging once a week, after 5 years, you will have built up 260 additional ways for someone to find your site.

In the process you will have build up a reputation with search engines that your site continues to be relevant and contains a plethora of interconnected information about your services, products, and industry.  Search engines don’t just look at your blog posts on an individual basis. They also look at how your posts related to the rest of your website, other sites you link to, and how the pages on your site relate to each other.  All of this provides search engines an understanding of your website’s relevance and relationship to the rest of the web.  The better Google understands your site, the more traffic they will send to your site.

What if I don’t have the time to blog?

This is a common question… and an important one. Blogging does take time.  If you have a team, we recommend you ask them to help.   Having a different team member write a post each week is a great strategy. If you don’t have the time to commit to blogging, the BBS Agency can help.

The BBS Agency provides ongoing blogging and SEO services.  We work with you each week to identify trending topics in your industry, get your take on it, and then write and publish professionally written, search engine optimized blog posts on your behalf. Your traffic will continue to grow and help your search engine traffic to match the top chart… not the bottom.

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