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The Best Things in Life

My two girls: Maddie (8) & Violet (3)

Watching “Tangled” with my girls

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in work, especially when running your own business.  There are always things to do, projects to finish,  and emails to read. It’s easy to forget to slow down and appreciate what is really important. 

Spend time with you family. Get to know your kids. Be involved. Play with them or watch a movie.  Life too short to work all the time. Don’t miss out on your kids childhood, they grow up pretty quick.

Vincent Wondra

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  1. Jennifer Fink says

    And that is why I a) took a trip to a local church rummage sale with my boys this AM, b) took Boy #4 to McDonald’s for lunch, c) played Risk for an hour with Boys #1-3 and d) am working at 10 pm at night.

    Totally worth it.

  2. vincent says

    Your day sounds like my day. 1) I took my oldest to school this morning, 2) Went back to her school to attend their “Wax Museum” her class did where they each portrayed a famous dead person. It was most excellent. 3) Played outside and watched a movie 4) and am working at almost 11 PM at night.


    Totally worth it!