The Internet Got Hacked, The Pop-Up is Dying, and other news you may have missed

If you work with technology you know how important updates are. You wouldn’t let your computer fall behind a week on updates, so you shouldn’t let yourself fall behind. 

Never fear The BBS Agency is here, with the top 6 news updates of the past 2 weeks that you may have missed. 

1: The Internet Got Attacked

Last Friday you may have noticed a ton of big sites went down. Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and many more websites were down for a large part of the morning. A large amount of sites that didn’t go down experienced slowness and errors. This was caused by a DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) attack on Dyn, a large DNS (Domain Name System). Mashable has a great article detailing what happened. 

2: The Pop-Up Ad Is Dying

That’s right everyone’s favorite surprise is getting killed by Google. The internet is understandably excited, so much so that thanks to you can get a live timer to it’s death. 

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Google has finally realized how annoying it is to have your phone screen suddenly filled by a usually irrelevant ad. The Verge has a great article detailing some of Google’s rationale for doing this. Regardless this is one funeral I think everyone’s excited for. 

3: Google’s Moving To 2 Search Index’s

Mobile search makes up more than half of Google’s searches, so Google is optimizing search for it. For the longest time you could be searching on your mobile device and end up on a desktop site that confuses you and your phone. In the coming months Google will enable a mobile index that will prioritize mobile responsive sites in your search results. 

4: The Holidays Are Upon Us

While I haven’t heard any Christmas music yet, I’ve seen the decorations out in stores. I think it is definitely still too early for brick and mortar stores to be preparing for the holidays, but it’s never too early for your ECommerce store to start preparing. Hopefully your site plans on getting a lot of traffic as usually the holidays are a great time to be in ECommerce. However, this means your site has to be ready for the traffic. WooCommerce themselves released this guide that allows you to make sure you are ready for the traffic to start rolling in.

5: Your ECommerce Store Could Be Even Better

The holiday season is a great time to grow your customer base. Everyone’s looking for an exciting gift or a good deal. However, you probably have competition trying to steal those same uncommitted purchasers. Thanks to this guide from WooCommerce you can make your website stand out over the competitions. The best time to go the extra mile for your customers is during the holiday season.

6: Your Settings Might Not Be Right

Even if it seems like your site is ready for the Holiday rush, you never know what may have slipped through the cracks. You could have the most well thought out Holiday sale plan of all time, but one blank check box could be the difference between floundering and cashing in. Thankfully WooCommerce released this guide to help you with the little stuff, so you can focus on the big picture. (If you need help with the big stuff they also have this free eBook)

Hopefully this update wasn’t too taxing. 

Watch for next week’s updates to help keep your life running smoothly.

-The BBS Agency


The BBS Agency