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Real Estate site for Preferred Properties

New Real Estate Site for Preferred Properties

We are pleased to announce the new real estate site for Preferred Properties. The new design is friendly, easy to use, and on par with national real-estate sites. As well as their property listings the site contains the MLS listings page. The listings pages feature a ton of options to narrow ones search and find a dream home. With the ability to search based on price, neighborhood, size, central air, etc, no shopper should go unsatisfied.  The listings are all search engine optimized (SEO) to ensure that the site gets as much exposure as possible. The new site is 100% mobile responsive so no matter what device their customers are using they will have an easy time navigating. The site also allows them to schedule open houses and gives the user the ability to add it to their calendar with one click. 

Real Estate Site for Preferred Properties

We are proud to give Preferred Properties the home on the web they need to help put their clients in homes for years to come. 

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