6 Reasons We Use The Genesis Framework To Develop Our Websites


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At The BBS Agency we use the Genesis Framework from the StudioPress team for all of our website development projects. Here are 6 reasons we use this fantastic developmental framework that puts our websites head and shoulders above the rest. 

1. Genesis Is Search Engine Optimized:

Sites using Genesis are built to Google’s technical standards which helps greatly with search engine optimization and the lightweight code will make climbing the search engine results even easier. Additionally the framework now supports schema.org code, which allows you to output micro-data in your sites code to further your search engine optimization.

shutterstock_1268596852.Genesis Is Built On HTML5:

Being built on the new standard for code means your site will be compatible with future changes to the web. HTML5 ensures cross-browser compatibility and makes your site mobile friendly by being responsive. Along with this the look of your site can be changed instantly using one of their child themes, all the while your code, SEO, and framework remain untouched.  

3. Genesis Offers Airtight Security: 

They know just how damaging and time consuming it is when a site gets hacked or attacked. Their team is so dedicated to providing the best possible security that they brought in Mark Jaquith, security expert and core WordPress developer, to make sure that their framework was built to follow the WordPress security best practices.

4. Updates Are Instant And Easy:

While in the past WordPress updates have seemed complicated to many site owners, Genesis makes it fast and easy to update. Everything is integrated and tested so you won’t be stuck spending hours trying to fix something the update broke. One click of your mouse and your website will be updated in no time.

Have time5. Genesis Makes Customization Easy Without Sacrificing Speed: 

Genesis gives us all of the features you need to set up your site exactly the way you want it. It gives us the ability to change themes instantly, add whatever widgets you see fit, set up a comments section, and add advertisements. With all these features one would expect to lose website speed. However, the lightweight code and optimization means that your websites page load times can typically be measured in milliseconds.

6. Custom Widget And Layout Options

Genesis offers custom widgets that you can use on any area of your site such as: a user profile widget, featured posts widget, and a featured page widget. These custom widgets are incredibly powerful and most sites do not have these features. It also offers the ability to give each page of your site a different layout. With Genesis you are no longer limited to one layout type for your entire website.

Genesis Framework

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