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Want a Facebook Dislike option?

 While Facebook is a great place to share the joys of life with friends and family, it is also one where we share our struggles and challenges.  For the former a Like button is perfect, for the later… not so much.  While there is no Dislike button on the way, Facebook is rolling out something else.

Feelings and Emoticons

The new Facebook Feelings

Facebook is rolling out a “Feeling” option to comments and posts that allow you to insert emoticons to reflect exactly how you feel.  When youe post an update, we can select how we feel about it from 200 different feeling/emoticon combinations

What are you doing

How are you feeling

“If you look at the data, most of the sharing on Facebook is positive. There’s not much negative sharing,” Facebook engineer Roddy Lindsay confirms to me. “One of the interesting things about this product is, when we tested it, we looked at the different emotions people were sharing. And it actually reflected a broader range of emotions.”

“That’s how people use emoticons in the first place. When you talk to someone in real life, you can see their face and have their entire context as to what they mean,” product designer Ryan Case says. “Obviously when you bring it online, you lose some of that context. Part of the appeal of these visual indicators is that they add this layer of context that wasn’t available before.” *Quote Source: FastCompany

I like this addition to Facebook. It helps me express how I’m really feeling today:

My feelings on the 2013 spring

What do you think?  Is this a good addition to Facebook?  Let me know in the comments below on on Social Media!


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